Sunday, 10 February 2013

Waseley hills walk February 2013 blog

So the weeks soon went by and it's was time for another walk at Waseley hills. With all the snow and rain the ground was soaked. We weren't sure how many dogs would turn up. The leader found a new drier route for the 45 hounds.

Due to the cold weather us hounds were being kept warm by our coats.

My mate Goldi was there and she found a use for her Hoomom. Official gate stop! Bol !
On the hills some farmers keep cows but today they were safely elsewhere.

There were other breeds up on the hills which gave us something to look at.

After waiting for Goldi and the Gatestop (aka Mandy) we were at the back of the walk so we watched the other ants (fellow walkers) higher up the hill.

The next walk is on Mothers Sunday but my hoomans will be busy buying me treats at Crufts.

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