Monday, 13 May 2013

Tittesworth reservoir Blog

Hoomans saw the weather forecast and decided today would be a good day to go and walk round Tittesworth reservoir. It's just outside Leek in Staffordshire. As we drove in a nice man gave us his parking ticket.

As you can see there is a nice sculpture just outside the visitors centre. There is a choice of the red route 1 mile or the yellow route 4.5 miles with some steep gradients in place. Hoomans elected for the longer route even though I didn't like the sound of the steep bits. Hoodad also spotted there was loads of geocaches around the reservoir also. I decided to lead the way ......

Being in Staffordshire you can see some excellent views of the roaches ...... apparently very big with rock climbers. I think it looks like a load of rocks so I'll give it a miss.

The path was well marked with doggie bins on the route although Star and I always know how to go in between the bins. Luckily Dad has a dicky bag so he has it safely bagged away.
The path at times moved away from the reservoir into some light woods but then soon turns back towards the water. Hoomans decided with the water as a back drop it was time to get us to pose for photos.

The reservoir has various bird hides and even a sign about all the butterflies

Mom's scared of anything that flies as Dad nearly found out when crossing the Dam path a bumble bee (a big one Mom adds) was flying to close to her and she nearly had to run away from it and would have pushed Dad down the steep bank!
We did come across some other local wildlife.... a noisy Hen and a big cow with horns on which could have turned me into a kebab.

The walk was really nice taking us just over two hours I walk slow don't you know and having to stop whilst Dad found 7 geocaches. The good news was we got back just before the rain !


  1. We like Tittesworth reservoir, we have been there with Eric and Tinker who live in Stoke.
    Glad you enjoyed your day
    Ssshh don't tell anyone but I'd have taken the short route :-)

  2. WOW sounds soopa Rolo, would you mind if I linked this post on mine bloggy? I'm sure my readers would be very interested in hearing about this luffly walkies spot!

    and Geocaches I didnt noze we did those in England (you are still in England arent you?) sounds soopa fun mate!

    *waves paw* Hi Star!