Sunday, 25 December 2011

Xmas day blog

Well the big day has come Merry Christmas everyone. It's mine and Stars first in our forever home.
Started off as normal a walk over the park. The three wise men followed a large star Dad followed a small one with 4 legs!

Hoomans were busy cooking the gobbler and drinking champagne we just roached on the sofa.

We weren't allowed any gobbler so we got some turkey mince and Xmas veg meatballs from our doggie cookbook. We had them for tea they were nom nom!
We were both bought kong braid toys but we looked after them differently .

Star went for the rip the arms off and pull all the stuffing out of it! In about 5 minutes flat.
I on the other hand cuddled mine.

After more walks it was back onto the sofa.

I think we have more presses to open tomorrow but we are too tired today.
Merry Christmas everyone


  1. Glad you enjoyed your first Christmas together :-)

  2. So lovely to see you and Star settled. Looks like Star takes after Mina with her stuffing shredding ways!

    Hope to see you all again (and meet Star) in 2012!

    Susan & hounds x