Sunday, 1 January 2012

Barley's New Years Day blog

Happy new year everyone!

Hoomans had new neighbours flippin noisy party they had plus they spoke funny (Polish). As we are spoilt hounds Dad left chill fm on sleep on the stereo to try and hide the party news and the fireworks. Dad put 60 minutes on the timer, as if it takes that long for a hound like me to fall asleep! Bol !

Not much sleep for any of us though (1.30-6.30) as we were off 100 miles down south to Barley's kennels in Waltham Abbey. These are the kennels I first went to when I retired from my racing days at Romford, Essex.

Virtually no traffic on the motorways so we made it in 2 hours in plenty of time for the 10 open with the walk at 10.30.

About 10 other hounds arrived so as there were plenty of volunteers all the kennel dogs were taken out. My French grandparents got given dogs also. Grand mommy got Lily 15 months and grandad got Shannon 11 months old.

The walk lasted about 50 minutes across the fields and into the woods which were very muddy at times. I remembered where I was and the kennel guys were really pleased to see me.

Hoomans spent some money on fridge magnets and keyrings. The raffle was drawn and we won a really good basket of goodies. Wine, chocolates and Pringles for hoomans and treats for us hounds.

Hoomans had a picnic in the car whilst we crashed out. It was lovely to go back to my old kennels but I love my forever home more !

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