Sunday, 22 January 2012

Worcester woods country park walk blog

This mornings walk was on a new place. Worcester woods country park with Hall Green RGT dogs rehoming centre. That meant a 40 car drive or in my case 40 minutes more shut eye!

Mom had to hold us both why Dad had a tiddle. Apparently hoomans aren't supposed to pee up trees in the woods - oh how boring!
23 dogs (4 wearing we need homes jackets) and hoomans. We went through the woods which weren't too muddy in a loop. After a 40 minutes we arrived back at the cafe.

The cafe was packed its a award winner so the Q must equal that. The raffle was drawn and for a change the hoomans didn't win anything. Star decided to bark at some dogs off the lead but Dad fed us both Wagg tasty bones to keep us quiet. The weather was kind to us so we had a lovely time !

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  1. Glad you enjoyed your walk. Tell Dad he can wee up the trees in the woods but only if no-one is looking:-)