Thursday, 16 February 2012

3 weeks till Crufts starts blog

Hoomans getting excited as its only 21days until Crufts starts at the NEC Birmingham. Ticket information at

But all under 8's get in free (hoomans only)

Not long until the greatest dog show on the world this year over 26,000 dogs are heading to the NEC in Birmingham. Of these dogs 1.388 from overseas countries (38 countries represented such as Germany, Latvia, Canada and USA and the first time from Chile)
I hope they don't walk there or there will be nothing left of them.
Doggie Passports please !

There is so much going on at Crufts ;

Breeders competition (49 teams 196 dogs)
Discover dogs (find out more about the dog breed that would be suited to your lifestyle)
Friends for life (heart warming stories that make the hoomans cry)
Good dog citizen dog scheme ring
Agility (I'm no good at that I walk round the tunnel not through it)
Obience (us greyhounds when we feel like it if it's not a cat or squirrel)

Of course 4 days of judging the individual breeds to get a grand champion.

This was years winner a flat coated retriever called Jet incidentally last year was the 120th time the kennel club had organised Crufts.

But you can't forget the huge variety of doggie things to buy from leads, collars , treats (nom nom!) toys (hope they get us another tuffie toy(the one from Christmas still has all its squeaks ) and much more.

I hope this has wet your appetite to go in the meantime

For other information about Crufts
Crufts is on facebook

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  1. I've only ever been once before and I loved it.
    A friend bought me the tickets as a present and I went with daughter and son-in-law. It was a grrrreat day! I went home with lots of doggie treats :)

    I didn't realise so many dogs were from overseas.
    Jet was a very worthy winner. I don't envy the judges, what a hard job that must be:-)

  2. Hi Rolo
    Not been on the laptop much, and as for twitter!!! but I might have something to twitter about soon, are you going? might see you there ;)
    Have a good week
    See Yea George xxx