Sunday, 12 February 2012

Waseley hills RGT walk 2 blog

Hoomans had a lovely cooked breakfast and saved Star and I a sausage for after our walk.

30 minutes in the car to Waseley Hills country park. £1.20 into the machine for all day parking and jackets on for our walk.
Stat received her new AK Creation jacket yesterday. I already have one we had loads of people on the walk saying they were smart and where to get them from.

As you can see we are a smart looking pair. Fortunately hoomans had the sense not to have jackets that clashed.
There was about 45 of us it was cold with some snow under our paws. The fog was covering the views. After a 40 minute walk around the park we descended the field back to the car.

Hoomans were lucky in the raffle last but 1 prize - biscuits or greyhound notebook. Had the notebook! We got a sausage nom nom !
Time for a trip back in the car and snooze time!

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