Saturday, 3 March 2012

RGT collection Sutton Coldfield blog

Today Star and I went on our first greyhound awareness and collection in Sutton Coldfield. Sutton is only 4 miles away and where Dad did his A levels (that's learning without treats how silly is that!).

We parked in the main car park after a close shave where Dad accidentally drove up the down slope. Parking on level 5 meant the stairs brought us out by where the stand is. 5 floors is a long way so we got the lift !

As we got in 2 other greyhounds joined us. Oh no it was our reflection on the mirror but we both looked anyway.
The stand was under cover outside WH Smiths so it was very busy.

Every hour or so more dogs turned up . Zac below was with Heather who organised it so stayed all day.

We had lots of people stroking us and ask do we need much walking. So I decided to show my real nature and lie down.

After two hours and hopefully convincing some people to adopt a greyhound and donations we left.
Having stood in 1 place for a while went for a walk in Newhall park.
Until next time keep barking !

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  1. I hope you raised a lot of's hard work that collecting lark. Never mind, there was a nice walk at the end of it :-)