Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Utility group blog

So I've already talked about the toy group. The utility group contains dogs that the kennel group have problems putting into a group.

The Dalmatian was originally used to run along side horse drawn carriages but you don't see many of those around anymore.
They could always rename it the dogs from a over the world group.

The Keeshond.

Boston terrier

Japenese spitz.
Others include japenese Akita, Tibetan spaniel and terrier, Korean Jindo, The utility group does contain the great British Bulldog and it's French version.

Let's hope it's warm in the NEC as one poor dog - the Mexican Hairless will feel the cold!

As well as watching the breed judging there is also the arena with 6,000 seats showing - agility, heelwork to music, flyball and west midland police display team.
In the good citizen dog scheme ring is puppy foundation display, pets as therapy, dogs for the disabled.
In the young kennel club ring obedience and handling skills
In the dogs activity ring agility heelwork to music, bloodhounds and gundogs.

I hope the hoomans enjoy themselves we are looking forward to seeing our treats.

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