Thursday, 5 April 2012

Crufts review blog

I apologise guys I've been a bit behind with my blogging. But I thought I would write a review of Crufts.
Firstly a big congratulations to Elizabeth the Llaso Apso who beat over 21,000 dogs to be crowned best in show 2012. She came from Coventry which is only 20 minutes away from me so you never know I may see her if I'm walked in that area. Although I think she is too pampered to be seen out on a walk.

My hoomans hadn't been to Crufts for 8 years and forgot how much walking there is across the 5 halls and now the main show rink is in the arena even further. The arena makes a much better viewing experience for the agility, flyball, best in group and show.
In hall 3 my hoomans watched Traci and her dog Mouse take part in their bronze good citizen award.

Both Mouse and Traci were fabulous and I'm glad to say after the heelwork, grooming, recall, health questions, 1 minute stay (I'm a long way off that 10 seconds maybe) and others they passed (2 out of 9 passed) well done guys !
In the same ring later on the hoomans also watched so demonstrations on heelwork to music. This dog held the ring with his paw. Whilst the hooman crawled through it.

In the main arena was the agility. As the hoomans walked to the arena they walked past the studio set up for the excellent more4 shows that were on every night.

It was strange seeing the stage with no one in it. Hoomans found it fun to watch the staff altering the set up for the agility course and then the hooman competitors walking through the course without their dogs working out which way they were going to send their dog in the correct direction.
If you watch the video looks a bit like they are dancing.

There was some great special offers to be had. Hoomans got Star and I a goodie bag each from fish 4 dogs which had free salmon oil and food samples in Nom Nom.
But one mustn't forget the 21,000 dogs on show patiently waiting in their holding kennels prior to being judged. Dogs had to stay until 4 pm to before they could go home so visitors could see them. Incidentally one of my pals George The Lad was on the welsh terrier stand on Sunday in the discover dogs area. Hoomans went to see him he was very tired but his hoomans were happy after Dad gave them some vouchors for 20% off his food.

This year was the introduction of independent vet inspection to verify the dogs met best in breed. Unfortunately 6 out of 15 tested failed. I agree with the kennel club that only health dogs should be rewarded with best in breed.

Crufts made the most of the internet with youtube showing live footage.
Crufts YouTube channel

You can still watch the videos including excellent clips of the funniest bits of Crufts.

Hoomans loved Crufts as I'm sure all
the other visitors did. Can't wait to go back next year.

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  1. Hi Rolo,

    That,s a great write up about Crufts. I don't think you'll ever see the champion out on a walk, far too pampered :-)

    Please thank your mum for the tickets that my daughter won in your competition, very kind of you both. I wish we could have met to thank her ourselves. You're right about all the walking, it's a huge place. We met George the Welsh Terrier too, he did an amazing job representing Welsh Terriers.

    Daughter and I talked to the people on the Retired Greyhound Trust's stall and fussed a few greys, one lad had had a very bad start in life but was very happy now. Daughter loves greys, she adopted Tinker from Greyhound Gap.

    I've asked daughter if we can go again next year, we've both been before but it was a few years ago...this year was brilliant. Thank you.