Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Hythe Kent Greyhound walk blog

Another catch up blog today telling my adventures at Hythe in Kent. This took place 17th March 2012.
We were already visiting Grandad in Kent so took the motorway and after 50 minutes arrived in Hythe. Dad won the car competition on who could spot the sea first. We managed to park on road on the seafront and it was freeee. Hoomans were beginning to get worried as there didn't seem like anyone was turning up and not walked from there before didn't know if we were in the right place.

Star was looking for me as Mom walked me on the beach. The bad news is its all stoney Rolo's don't like stones! 👎
We hoomans sat on the wall talking to the other owners why we sniffed butts and did our doggie intro's. Turned out one of the hounds was a twitter buddie Georgie @GeorgieGreyhoun (yes that's how he spells it ran out of letters). As you can see below he's a handsome chap!

Even though it was cloudy when we left it brightened up. We walked along the seafront. Along with one of the kennel dogs that is looking for a forever home.
Kent Greyhound rescue (@KentGreyhound)are based in Hythe a registered charity run purely by volunteers dedicated to find retired greyhounds new homes. Their hounds have previously raced at Sittingbourne Kent. They do occasionally rehome lurchers and other sight hounds.

At the end of the seafront was a kiosk selling ice cream coffees etc. Dad fed us some treats and we posed for photos with Georgie. Cheese!

After the photos we walked back down the seafront and after a brief chat with Georgie at the end we left. Hoomans then went to the new dobbies garden centre and got us some doggie ice cream. We got to try the carrot, apple and banana flavour. It was very nom nom!


  1. Hi Rolo and Star,

    Glad you got some ice cream...you can't go to the seaside and not have ice cream :-)
    We live just down the road from the beach and ours is pebbly too :-(

  2. That sounds like an exciting adventure! The ice cream would have been my favorite part! I found your blog through Winnie's blog and had to drop in and see what you were up to. :)