Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Greyhounds walk New Years Day 2013 Blog

Those of you that have been reading my blog will know I spent New Year's Day 2012 on a greyhound walk. 2012 was 100 miles each way to Barleys kennels in Waltham Abbey where I went when I first retired. This year we went further.

So where is Hylands park ? well it's 142 miles from our house and is just outside Chelmsford in Essex. It's a lovely 524 acre park with footpaths, fields and Hylands House.
We met for a 12.00 start but we waited for more hounds to arrive so at 12.15 the greyhound plus walk started. A plus walk is us hounds and other breeds (I saw the following woofers with us - German shepherd, Whippets, Lurchers, Afghan hound, Saluki's & Border Collies).

The walk was organised by the greyhound walks group that do weekly walks over the counties of Essex, Suffolk, Herfordshire and Norfolk.
After setting off we went to the Hylands house for a group photo. The walk was very organised with lots of marshalls in high visibility jackets and walkie talkies to ensure we didn't walk too far ahead of the others.

The weather was sunny with winter chill factor to it 6c. Star wanted to be near the front so we were showing off our Monmore RGT jackets off so lots of people said you've come a long way. There were lots of other great hounds and jackets on display.

On their website will be the group photo from outside Hylands house. www.greyhoundwalks.org.uk
But to try and show many of the hounds I went down the line filming it.

When the photo was done the walk separated into a short walk 25 minutes or a long walk 50 minutes. We went on the long walk.

The big news was they beat last years total of 204 new total


We circled back to the cars where the organised had camper vans brewing up flasks of hot water for teas and coffees and a table of cakes.

We got to try some of the lovely flap jack cake. It was nommmmmiee !

It was a lovely walk and well worth our 2 hour 20 minutes drive each way. Thanks Greyhound walks.

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