Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Fireworks blog

Ok so it's fireworks night. It may be all oooohs and aaaahs for hoomans but it is not always fun for us hounds. So I'm going to give you a few of my tips to avoid getting too stressed.

Firstly recognise when your dog is stressed signs can be -

Raised ears
Barking, howling
Pacing up and down unable to settle
Tail curled under your belly (if you have a long tail like me)
Not willing to eat or drink

What can you do to help ease the stress.

Get the hoomans to take you out for a long walk so you are tired and sleep through them. My hoomans took time off work and took Star and I out for 2 hours this afternoon.

Have a large tea with starch in it. We had chicken and pasta with our kibble. Like hoomans a large meal makes you sleepy.

Hoomans had the surround sound on strictly come dancing on loud. Any music is a good one to drown out the noise. Won't recommend a noisy action film incase the explosions scare you.

Outside help

Drugs - only joking chemicals that can help you.

Tablets such as skullcap and Valerian tablets from Dorwest

I have mine wrapped in ham so nommie.

Aromatherapy such as an Adaptil plug in. Makes you sleepy.

Two other techniques I have up my sleeve are a tellington ttouch body wrap or a Thundershirt. These give me a comforting cuddle and relaxes me.

These are some of my suggestions to help with the fireworks but the clever hoomans at The Kennel club have some great ideas. So please follow the blue hyperlink to read their advise.

Kennel club fireworks advise

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