Saturday, 7 December 2013

Saturday trip out blog

Saturday 7th December 2013 seemed like a normal day to me. I got up, had a walk round the block and then breakfast kibble. We even got in the car and went to dog training. As we got a new woofbed during the week we tried them out between exercises.

Training finished and we got into the car thinking we were going home.

But no Hoodad got his talking box out with a women with an Australian accent. I think he calls it the sat Nav to direct him places as Hoomom is not the best map reader. Destination set was 17 miles away. It turns out we arrived at ...

The Kenilworth branch was where I moved to after 18 months in Barley's kennels. I did get worried when I saw this sign.

I thought flip I've already done 1.5 hours worth. Fortunately it was to visit the Christmas fund raising fair (also on Sunday 8th December 2013) They have book on sale, refreshments, doggie and hooman nik naks. Hoomans got two packs of doggie bags (nice & strong ones) £2 pound on the doggie tombola sadly no winners then off to see Santa Paws.

The grotto was decorated with pictures, presents and a poster with a greyhound on it.

In true grotto style there was Santa's little helper or in this case a not so small helper. Hoomans and I recognised him from last year and we had a chat with him. I gave him a Business card so he can follow my blog.

We then went in to see Santapaws but first a couple of photos.

Star and I told Santa that we have been good all year and what we wanted for Christmas. He then gave us both a present.

We both thought that was the end of our adventures but hoomans had some shopping to do in Waitrose and then Sainsburys. I was very good when they went into Sainsburys as they left a bag of shopping on the back seat with me I have now found out there was a whole chicken in it. Doh slipped up there ! Hoodad then asked the Aussie women where the nearest park was and drove us there.

Victoria park in Leamington Spa has paths, 4 bowling pitches and a tennis club with 10 courts. Hoodad watched the tennis for a while as he hasn't played for 2 years. Then it was back into the car for our trip home. As you can image after all this excitement guess what a greyhound wants to do now !


  1. That looks like one very exciting and fun day!


  2. What a grrrrreat day you had!

  3. As promised, the big elf has just read out your blog to Santa Paws. Bless him, his eye sight isn't as good as it used to be.