Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Christmas Day blog

It's Christmas ! Woof woof ! Woke up this morning early courtesy of Sis Star barking at 6.15 am . Hoodad forgot to feed us our evening biscuits last night so hence we both had aliens in our bellies.

As you already know Star and I have been good hounds all year and Santa Paws duly visited us and filled our stockings!

The stocking came from De Montford's Delights with breakfast, lunch and anytime nibbles all very nommie ! We both had new toys. Star as always was very keen to play with hers.

Hoomans bought each other a joint present of a new dog walking book that says no stiles so ideal for me.

Hoomans looked at the book and decided to do the Over Haddon walk as it's only 1 mile away from where we are staying. After a steep decline from the car park we turned left and walked along the river.

But after the riverside bit it meant climbing up the hill.

After we reached the top you can see how far up we were but the views were worth it.

We then walked up across a couple of muddy fields back to the the hotel. We were put in the car whilst hoomans went in the Lathkill hotel for a drink. Hoodad had never been in a pub for a Christmas drink so he made the most of it - 3 different pints in 1 hour. On arriving back at the cottage it was time for Christmas biscuits from our stockings.

Then our kibble whilst the bird was stuffed and put in the oven!

I hope I get some turkey although I know it's rich so I'm not allowed much. Merry Christmas everyone !

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  1. Merry Christmas Rolo and Star.
    Glad you're having a jolly Christmastime.