Tuesday, 8 November 2011

4 days till discover dogs show blog

Heard hoomans talking about discover dogs show which they are going to on Saturday. The show is at Earls Court London 12th - 13th November. Think they are planning what to get me. I like collars 4 isn't enough!

I need to apologise in my last blog about the show, my clumsy paws typed to many letter on the ibone. It's Discover Dogs not discovery dogs. Sorry ! My excuse was I had pulled one of my nails off!

It's a great opportunity to see 200 breeds of dogs ask the owners about their dogs and what the breeds need in terms of exercise, feeding, what the are like with children or any other questions you may have.

There are also lots of stalls selling lovely nice things for dogs treats, food and other great goody gifts.

It should be a great day out so if you haven't got your tickets there is still time to get some.

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  1. Typo forgiven Rolo. Ouch hope your poorly paw is better now. Hope your hoomans enjoy the show.