Saturday, 5 November 2011

Chatsworth house sculptures 2011 blog

Hoomans took me to Chatsworth house in Derbyshire to walk me in their huge gardens. It was the last weekend of their 4th beyond limits sculpture exhibits. They have 20 sculptures across the gardens that will be sold at Sotheby's. Will cost too many treats for us hounds.

The sculptures vary in shapes and designs here are a few I examined.

She was naked so Dad told me not to look.

This was at the bottom of the cascade waterfall. I bet the bees loved this one!

This one was a Damien Hurst apparently he's big in the art field. It was strange all red and muscles showing on one side, plain white the other!

Because it was Halloween weekend they also put pumpkins across the gardens for the mini hoomans to find.

Notice how Mom is leaning into me I thought I would play hard to get for this photo!

This bit was also busy so I popped in and got one for my French nanny !

Great exercise in the garden and art to see ahhhh life is good. Bit of relieve before home!

Pumpkin marks the spot ! Bol !

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  1. My folks went to that exhibition in other years - but we missed it this time - too busy.

    It was very kind of you to go for us and share all your wonderful pictures. We feel like we have been ourselves now.

    We love how they place the sculptures so that they become part of the landscape and look great from all sorts of angles.

    Love and licks, Winnie