Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Discover dogs blog pt 1

My hoomans went to discover dogs on Saturday 12th November leaving me with Sammy my Yorkshire terrier pal.

Earls court was buzzing with dog owners and future dog owners who come to get information from the 200 plus dogs breeds on display. There were companion dogs, scrufts cross breed shows, obedience displays, rescue centres, police dogs so many things to mention to see, watch and buy.

My hoomans went to a couple of lectures the first was with tv celebrity vet Marc Abraham who was talking about when to take your dog to the vets. He was stressing it doesn't necessarily have to be when we are ill it can be for weight clinics, socialisation skills and advice. Dad even managed to get a photo with him.

They also listened to Carolyn Menteith's lecture on bonding with you dog. (see your dog magazine for her article).

For the dog owner there were plenty of show specials on treats, food and grooming products cheaper than the shops.

Bark and Read was launched by the kennel club with a dedicated reading area for the children with a listening dog provided. This campaign is going into schools with PAT (Pets as Therapy) dogs to enable children to gain confidence in themselves and reading by letting them read to dogs. Us dogs will quietly sit and listen to them and won't judge them if they go wrong. I know it will help reduce the sad fact that 1 in 5 children leave school unable to read.

So what did I get brought? Not sure yet I think a lot of it I'm getting when the big man in the red suit and beard comes. Maybe I have -
2 bandanas, alien tuffie toy, biscuits, refresher disks for my dicky bag, skin and coat gravy (already started that nom nom!).

Check out part 2 of this blog for lots of doggie photos !

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