Sunday, 20 November 2011

Stratford RGT walk blog

It may have been a foggy morning but hoomans still got me in the car and drove 50 minutes to Stratford upon Avon racecourse.

There was about 25 of us walking including a lurcher, Whippet and at one stage we got a very confused dog join us.

The was a great selection of different coloured hounds and jackets being worn.

Hoomans had to get a photo of this dog as he is called Flash. The same as their previous dog although he was a lurcher.

The walk was about 50 minutes long followed by coffee biscuits and the raffle.

Didn't win anything in the raffle so I munch on my treats.

Today was also free running I stayed in the car when humans went to KFC and then straight off for zoomies zoom !

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