Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Discover dogs blog part 2

Spread across the halls are individual viewing areas holding dogs. To be more precise 200 plus breeds the same as those that take part in Crufts. The dogs are on display in the same kennel club groups with other dogs from the same group - toy, utility, terrier, hounds, working, pastoral and gundog.

If you are thinking of getting a dog this was the place to go.

Each viewing area had at least 2 dogs in with wise owners to answer any queries you may have about the breed- how much exercise the dog needs, what they are like with children, how much they eat anything you want to ask. Each area showed signs encouraging everyone to check its ok to stroke the dogs, hand gel for your hands, stickers to wear when you see a breed you like and written information to take away with you.

Dad went snapping lots of photos of lots of the dogs. As I'm a Greyhound the hound group was his favourite.

But not being totally hound bias he also snapped photos of others he liked. The Italian spinone


Parson Russell terrier

Great Dane (Mom's favourite)

German short haired pointer

Dad also took some photos of other breeds but forgot which ones. Let's call it a quiz for you readers (sorry no prize) let's just say he was caught up buying things for me!

Dad has had Ripley on my blog from the pedigree adoption drive programme. Many of us took him for a walk in return for a £1 donation by pedigree. He was there !

But as I'm also on twitter @rolohound my hoomans met at the Kennel Club campaign stand for a tweet up, meeting some of my tweeting friends @sukesu @hilsofhove @collarways @KCLovesDogs. Caroline the lovely lady from the Kennel Club had some cup cakes made specially for the tweet up.

They looked nom nom lick my lips and slopper on the floor! Unfortunately they were eaten before hoomans returned home.

If you missed discover dogs and this blog has wet your appetite then make sure you get there next year! 🐶

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