Monday, 28 November 2011

RGT walk -Star's first blog

Well Star and I survived our first night together. When Dad came downstairs I was curled up in my bed, Star was on the sofa.

Star was bursting to go for our walk over Sutton Park the last Perry Barr RGT walk this year. The early rain had stopped and nice blue sky prevailed.
We went in reverse to the way we have been before. I introduced my new sis to many of my hound pals -
Denny, Milo, Grace, Jake, Lachlan and Sid (he got a sister 2 weeks ago - Tink ) they are getting on well so paws crossed we will be the same !

As you can see we also had a couple of Borzoi's come out with us. Hoomans spoke to Jan who lives a couple of streets away we didn't mind as we were walking with Grace her dog(she pulls quite a lot so has a nose harness).
At the end of the walk we had the raffle and we won a prize.

Yep liver and cream cheese cake I've had one before and it's lip licking lovely. I'm going to take some to my hound pals at doggy training and some to Harry my border terrier mate who lives over the road.
That was the last Perry Barr walk but think hoomans are taking us over to Waseley hills to walk with the Hall Green RGT lot next weekend .

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  1. Well done on winning your prize, it looks yummy :)